Holistic Massage

The number one difference between a Holistic Massage and a Massage is that the minute you meet your therapist, she/he will look beyond your neck pain, for example, and look at you through the heart-without judgment-at your spiritual, physical and mental state.  The next thing to understand is that the service you receive relative to the above, is dependent on how deeply the therapist understands the Holistic Triad; Mind, body and Spirit relative to each other.

Female therapist using her hands for some reiki therapy on a  man

That being said, it is particularly important that your Holistic Massage Therapist be well trained in various modalities as well as having a profound knowledge in human anatomy. This being the case, you will experience a profound and efficacious treatment. A holistic massage treatment from Yamil tends to be eclectic, effective and magical depending on how much you are able to let your body go and trust the process. Every treatment experience is different for each person and even different for the same person in subsequent times. You will feel better before you even get off her table at the very least, and on a grand scale, your session will be transformational on several levels.
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