What Is Holistic?

In the Merriam Webster dictionary “holistic” is described as an adjective “of or relating to holism”.  The opposite of holism is observing or  breaking into individual parts a whole of something  to analyze or treat.  Holistic means to observe/treat/analyze a whole of something in it’s entirety.  In other words, looking at the “Big Picture”.  The word has become quite popular even being used by political pundits as in viewing something “holistically”.

Western medicine treats and diagnoses by viewing the body specifically as it presents in particular to the part of the body that is ill.  Although, there are many studies that indicate that a person’s mood affects their health and some doctors are considerate of these studies, typically they only treat and analyze the area of concer on their patients as they present.

As a Holistic Health Practitioner, I view and treat the whole person paying attention particularly to their state of mind and energetic body utilizing Oriental Medicine techniques like pulse and tongue diagnosis among others to observe the state of the energetic body.

Although I am a holistic health practitioner, I do not reject modern western allopathic manner of treatment and find that my alternative treatments actually enhance medications people take and help to alleviate the side effects that some times occur.  Through my experience, I have found that my treatments help ease the anxiety and stress of living with chronic ailments or medical concerns that pop up.  Although, I will not involve myself with regard to your medicine and medical advise regimen, I am a NYS Certified EMT and worked at NSLIJ (now NorthWell) for 10 years working along side doctors and nurses in various medical departments including Emergency Department.  Because of that experience I am quite knowledgeable about pathological processes and medications and have a respect as I witnessed a lot.

Yamil Sarabia, Holistic Health Practitioner 12/16/17